Sunday, April 18, 2010


Have I ever talked about my love of Kanye West? I think I have. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do. Wake up Mr. West, Mr. West. I like him. Kind of aggressive sometimes, kind of pretentious, but I forgive him.

So, I'm graduating. Two degrees: Philosophy and English. I don't know what I'm going to do. DC for a while. College was easy. It was like a long long walk. You get bored but don't have the guts to tell the people you're with that you want to go home. I guess I just always have felt too directed, too kept in the program. I want to know about all the things that make the theories fail, ya know? I've thought so many times about not paying tuition and just getting a library card. I'm pretty sure I'd get more out of the library card.

Though college has been boring, this time in my life has been nothing but exciting. Friends, girls, adventures, they've just been unstoppable. I think that when I leave my last day of class I'll be sad. Not cry or anything. Maybe just a big dose of reflection. I'm going to tell my kids to go to college just so they can think that there is a camera crew following them around trying to record what will happen next. That's really how it's been for me, and I'm thinking that's how it will be.

Maybe a little like Kanye West.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Health Care, Shmelth Care

So, I stopped reading the news, pretty much. I mean, I read the Haiti stuff, so crazy, and that place was crazy before. I hope it all works out. But I stopped watching the news cause of the lame-o health care debate. Boring, so boring. For all the people who say, "We're just helping the free-loaders", I say, are you just going to lock them out on the street? "Sorry, we just think that you're faking and cause you can't pay, we can't let you in." Maybe, I don't know, it sounds crazy I know, maybe hospitals aren't movie theaters. Maybe. Maybe if we shifted some of the cash from fighting the boogie man.

But why do we have to keep talking about it? People die in America everyday from guns. Thousands. But screw them, we aren't talking about that right now. We're talking about how Obama is a king and the Sarah Palin has come to redeem us, which is why this whole thing is so backward, because we aren't really talking about the locked-out bottom-feeders, we're talking about the Quiter from Alaska. She quit her job to move to the main land and annoy. Man, come on, why can't we talk about Mark Mcguire fooling everyone? Anyways, health care. I get the whole "too expensive" idea sure, I'm totally under the impression that it is a complete tragedy that people would make money off of another person's misfortune. Did I just use the word misfortune?

And what's this mess about doctors getting paid for every little thing they do? All the sudden people are to doctors what mechanics are to cars. And we all know how lousy mechanics are, most of the time, except for those guys at Old Fashion Service. It's a conflict of interest. I get the same amount of money regardless of how much work is in front of me, why are they so above me? That argument may be kind of flawed, since I make holes in paper for a job. The point is, why are we still blabbing about it? Don't we have a representative democracy so that we aren't burdened by the crap?

This sounds like a rant, but the point is, are we just getting distracted from more important things? Like how hot Lady Gaga is?