Tuesday, October 13, 2009

305 C Street

They made me a receptionist at work. I cover the 3:45 to 6:00 shift. It's hectic. Very tide like. Constant, but definitely has sets of waves that kill me. I've grown in my respect of phone answers, they really do a lot.

Well, it was Friday night, a couple back, and I was just lounging, waiting for things to explode, and in walks this guy, Willy. I'd seen him once before. I helped him get to another floor to deliver flowers, so I figured he was back for the same kind of favor. Oh no, this time he was on a mission. He said, stuttering and staring at his feet, "Do you remember me?" "Yeah man, you deliver flowers." "Right, well, uh..., well, 305 C street." "Uh, what?" "305 C street." "I don't get it man." "I have a message from God." Pause. Longer pause. "You're serious? Well, come on, let's hear it." I was surprised that that was my first reaction to my first messenger. "You're supposed to go see a girl who lives at 305 C street." I was so stoked, I thought, "This is going on the blog for sure." I prodded Willy the Messenger a little bit, tried to get some stats on this "celestial" hook up. A height, maybe an opinion on her looks. He had nothing. I asked how he gotten the message, all of it a garbled mess. He left. Came back, started into why he needed to breed with a blond woman, and thankfully he left again. On the third heavenly visit, I felt pretty blasphemous but I had to say, "Will, bro, if you come back again, I'm going to have to call security."

He didn't come back. I tried to find 305 C street, nothing there.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Carabiner Keychains

The last couple of days I've spotted a funny phenomena: everyone seems to drop their keys. I drop my keys, and you know what? I drop my keys so much that the carabiner on my key chain is banged to bits. And there it is, the stupidity of having a carabiner on my key chain and never ever using it to prevent me from dropping my keys.

Then I saw somebody who did use their key chain carabiner. I thought to myself, "He understands the meaning of things. A smart man who doesn't let things go to waste. More than I can say about myself" I went on my way. Then I thought, "Man, maybe that guy just cares about his keys too much." What the crap do I care about how many times in a day I've dropped my keys? Or how banged up my carabiner is? Everytime I see somebody drop their keys and can spot a carabiner on their key chain, I don't think, "You moron, you should have put that thing around something." Na, it's more like, "Dude, me and that sucker who was about to get in that beemer have something in common: not using our carabiners."

It's forced me to think a little bit more on how much I put people above me, or below me. If I just spent my time leveling with people then the world would be a little better I think. I guess it all revolves around the fact that Everyone (the capital E is to draw emphasis to the general claim I'm making) drops their keys, Everyone. There are some that want to escape it and actually put the carabiner around something, but really, they're just suckers who drop their keys more than everyone else. I just think if we could see other people's little flaws as things that could bring us together, than the world might not be so terrible.

Boo ya.