Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Bones Ache, I Feel Cold

So I went to this get together tonight. People everywhere. All pretty entertaining. But I noticed something that I thought was funny, I'm getting old. No, seriously. Everything that used to be good about these events seemed so dismal, so trite, so lame. I didn't really know where the feelings had come from. I mean, I'd been to these beginning of the semester meet-girls type of events before, but tonight, man, I just wasn't feeling it.

I think it has to do with what has happened between the last beginning of the year and this beginning of the year. I feel different about my approach, because I realized that my approach was really, really pathetic. I feel differently about the follow through, only because I saw that nothing was going in the hoop. Tonight, I felt like I had seen the light and was now observing, pleasantly, mind you, others running around in the dark. Watching guys go for girls that were way out of their league, like not even in the same sport. Watching girls sneak glances for immensely too long. I even saw a failed attempt at the old, "Hey, I'm going to act like I didn't see that girl there and then introduce myself after I practically tackle her." Seriously man? People are so rad. They're good in every way, at least when it comes to cheap entertainment. Just put them together and let them go, and the story always seems to be incredible.

But my awareness remember, was that I was getting old, out of touch. I looked around and I was the one guy, me and my wing man Ben of course, we were the two guys not approaching girls. We were the ones looking too cool with our arms folded just talking to ourselves. I asked myself, "Have I become too old for this?" And sadly, if the answer is yes, where do I go next?

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