Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a Little Sabbatical

Its not as though I didn't want to write, its just that I couldn't. "Everybody needs a little time away." I think Chicago, or maybe Journey, na, Chicago said that. These last seven weeks or so that I haven't written have been kind of like the time you hit your head on the corner of a cabinet you forgot close, and the moment you realize that it didn't kill you. I was just shocked.

I think in life we keep up the front. That may be the most commonly believed thing I've ever said on Effects but that's where this is headed today. I just feel like when we are sad we put up the happy front. When we are happy we put on the calm front. When we are angry we put on the forgiving front. And so on and so forth. But I wonder how much of the time we are honest, when we leave the front at home. Those are the times when people tell us to cheer up, or settle down, or relax, but really maybe people should say, "Thanks for not being a liar." I mean, I am a man. My cultural role is to be tough and sturdy, but like I've said a thousand times, I feel like a seventh grader. Given, a fatter, hairier seventh grader, but a seventh grader regardless. Just as emotional, just as spontaneous, just as likely to not embrace new responsibility, its just now, as an adult, I'm a master at the front. I can lay it on so thick that even I get confused on whether the front is the real thing or the emotion I'm feeling is the front. Its confusing.

But today's post is more about friends. Its about people that know the front. They let you have the front in front of everyone else, and then ask you later what's wrong. They are more excited than you when you are putting up the calm front and they know that you're faking. And those friends that ask for the suckers name so they can run out and kill the guy, cause they know that's exactly what you want them to do but the front won't let you. I don't know if there is anything in this whole jacked economic depression world that has a value that increases so rapidly. Friends are like canned soup.