Monday, January 5, 2009

Soak Them in Vinegar.

'08 was good. Na, '08 was rad. Filled with everything my little twenty-three year old heart could desire. But I think of all the things I'm going to remember about '08, its definitely going to be how many pairs of jeans I bought. The total was six. Not too bad. Really not even as bad as I thought. For me, its either buy a pair of jeans or take lithium. So, I buy jeans.

Most of the time they're boot cut. Low rise, boot cut actually. I've liked dark blue for a little while, and I've been working out, so I've gotten daring and started to buy the ones that hug your butt. What I've noticed though, is that jeans are like designed to fade. A friend of mine, Kyle, he loves blue jeans, like dark dark blue jeans. Even told me about soaking my new ones in vinegar to set the dye. And well, since then, I've been thinking a lot about setting the dye. Making it so things don't change. Everytime you put them on, its like you just got 'em. I think a lot of things in our lives we wish could be soaked in vinegar. Love. Friends. Stock prices. Housing Prices. Gas Prices. The fact that our hearts beat, et cetera et cetera. But you know, for some reason, I've decided against the vinegar. I think it has something to do with the new year and something to do with the getting old. I mean, when was the last time old love was out of fashion? Or old friends? I mean, if stocks were always up, no one would ever buy. If housing prices were always up, no one would ever sell. And the fact that your heart is guaranteed to stop gives everyone a little tiny tiny bit of urgency. I like it when my jeans are old. They're a tribute to my butt staying the same size. Them being in style enough to wear them to the breaking point. And that feeling when they swipe your credit card and you take those new dark blues out of the store? Nothing really compares.

I mean, I know six is a lot. I guess I like the swipe feeling maybe a little too much. But the reality is that I had to buy them because my other ones got too big. And really, guys like jeans as much as girls do, we just keep it on the down-low. We'll see how long I last on these next few.

But the important part is that I've decided against the vinegar.