Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I see, I need

I remember back when I was a kid I used to have a lot of energy. Tons. But my folks never had me checked for that old ADHD thing and I don't know why. I guess its a good thing. Who needs pills for something they don't have, know what I mean? Anyways, I'm thinking that my parents should have had me checked for "spontanious buyer" syndrome, cause baby, I got a real serious case. Consider last night.

I've been looking for a motorcycle/scooter for a long time now. I've determined it will be a great way to save gas, but kind of dangerous, and I'm not strapped for cash right now, which only makes me want it more. Wait on that. Looking around, that's a smart consumer trend, but constantly looking at things you don't need is bad. You all of the sudden, when the perfect deal comes, say, "I need that." No you don't, you don't need it at all, you didn't need it to begin with. If you never would have looked, you never would have needed. Well, with the scooter I keep telling myself that I need it because I'm trying to thwart the evil gas god and his plot to make my life hell. I constantly, like constantly, check craigslist and this free classified ad website for the "deal of the century." The reality is, I don't need a scooter, I mean, its not a need. Not like I need water, though its the same word. We use the word 'need' so often that it just doesn't have very much weight anymore. Like a couple weeks back when I had to wait for a girl to find her chapstick because she "needed" it. You crazytown? Alright, alright, guys have their "needs" too. Like a scooter, see, its a great example. I need a scooter. No, no I don't. Back to the point. Well, wait, one more. Childhood was a good place to start, here is why, remember when you went on that field trip in elementary school and your teacher constantly told you, "You can look but you can't touch." You're kidding right? We need to outlaw that saying, forever. That only makes kids want to touch it more. It turns into like the only thing they want to touch, that's it, that's all. Forget all the interactive dinosaur crap, they're thinking about that funny looking pot in the last exhibit that is forever now filed away in their mind with a little label, "No Touchy". You grow up, and you realize, "Dude, people had to touch that stupid piece of crap that you say is so important to get it in the museum, plus, someone made it by hand, and if I had the dough, I could probably buy it and put it in my cupboard where pottery is supposed to be." I really feel that all the tension from the "No touchy" training we receive as kids comes out as spontanious spending when we are adults. The point. I was looking on craigslist last night and saw "$200 Scooter, 125cc" Say what? I called the guy, it was 10:10, "Hey, this is Dave, sorry its so late." Went and bought that sucker right then. The scooter doesn't even work. I was chatting with my friend Emily Fitzgerald, who still needs to move back from Boston by the way, and had to say good-bye cause I had the, "So you say I can look but not touch huh>?" urge. Again, the scooter doesn't even run.

Came home, put it in the garage, and now I have this weird urge to sell it, maybe someone else will pay to touch it...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So, the funniest thing happened today. Alright, I take it back, not THE funniest, but A funny thing happened today. I was sitting at work avoiding drawing attention to myself and I got a text message on the old celly cell cell. "Are you still an Obama supporter?" That may not sound funny, but the source was what made me laugh. A girl I dated a little bit a few months back. Hadn't heard a thing since the old "looks like the ball is in your court now" talk. She was from south-east Idaho, maybe the most red place on Earth, maybe. Pressing on. I said that I was, and asked if she was also. She said no and said that she thought he was scary. I asked whether it was because he looked like Steve Urkel or because of the issues. She indicated that she was scared about the issues, I asked which ones, after which she reported a barage of one liners. "The war, partial birth abortion, his desire to tax everything he can, his entitlement programs. I also doubt his patriotism." Awesome, just awesome. I thought, "This is definately going on the blog." Not to mention when she wrote, "Dave, you're an interesting guy, quite the contrarian." Con what? Amazing.

The interesting part was when I asked her, "What does liberal mean?" I was sneaky, yes, in that I totally knew what liberal meant, at least as it is written on, but I wanted to know how it was defined in her mind. "The opposite of conservative- socially, morally, and fiscally." A common definition I assume. If I were to shoot just one corner of that broad-sided barn I would probably aim for the fact that according to that definition, liberal is really anywhere conservative isn't, liberal is then retrospectively defined only in terms of conservatism, which may be true according Derrida but I don't think that's what we mean when we say liberal, though some liberals may be overjoyed to feel that way. I think in this definition too much can easily be assigned to the liberal side by simply stating the conservative side. For instance, "Conservatives hate the devil." The previous definition would then assign the belief to the liberal side of loving the devil, when in reality only my friend Justin loves the devil, so both are false. That last one was for laughs. I told her I didn't support either side of the ticket. I thought that it categorizes people too simply and the moment someone had the label, listening to the other side stopped. Once we join the conservative or liberal orders, it seems we only listen to conservative or liberal radio stations, watch conservative or liberal news, hang out with conservative or liberal people. I see that as the same as the day you discovered you were a mouse, and follow me here, all you did was listen radio stations that constantly told you, "You're a mouse, you're a mouse, you're a mouse." One voice is no democracy. No, it isn't, it's Saddam Hussein for twenty years in Iraq, or Mugabe in Zimbabwe for the last almost thirty years. Thus, I see the liberal/conservative argument as a detriment to democracy. I'll probably be called liberal by the conservatives and "Hey dude, that sounds pretty dead on" from the liberals. Blah blah blah, I think what we need to be focusing on is what is best for us now with acknowledgement that our choices directly affect the future and its ability to have the best. Who decides what's best? In the ideal world, well, "we the people" my friends, "we the people".

Until the ideal world is created or formed through atomic bonds, which ever you prefer, I think the last thing we should do is close ourselves in our "I'm a mouse" box and only listen to mouse bands playing mouse music singing about how sweet it is to be a mouse. I think that for democracy to even exist the other side must be voiced and listened to, no matter how liberal it is. Word.